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As the end of 2020 draws near the Summer holidays are a welcome arrival and whilst we know that right now nothing is further from your mind than planning your back-to-school buys, why not minimise the impending back-to-school blues by purchasing your child’s school shoes now, ticking this one essential task off your to-do list.

We understand times are tight and school shoes are another (necessary) expense. Quality-guaranteed Buccaneer Buccs Classic lace-ups last longer and can actually save you money, thanks to their proven durability.

To help ease some of the pressure of getting ready for the new school year, Buccaneers School Shoes have put together a few top tips on how to choose the perfect new school shoes for your growing children.

‘Wear the right shoes and you can conquer the world’ – Well-Fitting School Shoes Are Essential
  • Children’s feet are growing, and the bones are soft and still developing. Avoid cheap, badly-fitting school shoes, which can cause ingrown toenails, corns and bunions later on.
  • Bad fitting school shoes lead to bad grades. Too big or small or too rigid soles can be a painful distraction for any child.
  • School is challenging enough without having to worry about uncomfortable school shoes.
  • School shoe soles that are too rigid can hamper your child’s feet.

Product Features of The Buccaneer School Shoes Range Make Them A Must
  • Locally made - supporting the economy and creating jobs
  • Durable and flexible to match active lifestyles
  • Non-polish and easy to care for
  • Comfortable Fit
  • 100% quality guaranteed
Other features of the Buccaneers school shoe range include; genuine leather (Baby-Doll, Scooter, & Bucc Lites), padded in-sock comfort and ankle support (Buccaneers trainers), as well as extra-light-weight flexible soles (Bucc Lites).

School Shoe Fitting Tips
Considering that your child spends approximately 30 hours a week in school shoes – that is 15 000 hours in their lifetime - it is very important to make sure that school shoes fit correctly!

Fit tip #1: If you’re unsure whether your new comfy quality Buccaneer Buccs Classic lace-ups fit correctly, just check for the toe wiggle – your child should be able to move their toes freely.

Fit tip #2: Buy your Buccaneer Buccs Classic lace-ups at the end of the day as children’s feet get a little more swollen by this time and it’s better to fit school shoes when your child’s feet are at their biggest.

Buccaneer School Shoes are available at selected retailers nationwide.

For more information and to view the extensive range visit here.

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